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The London diary & other adventures


Taylor Mcferrin – Degrees of light


I’ve been procrastinating for so long about writing a new blog post.

I’ve made up all sort of excuses and justifications, and now I’m empty ended.
At last, I’d say.

So many things happened since last June, so many vicissitudes and situations changed the colours of my days.
And now I think the time has finally come for an explanation and for a liberating short story.

When I’ve started this blog I did it with the idea of sharing my life with anyone willing to spend a few minutes reading my adventures.
But then paranoia kicked in.
Oh, my famous companion, that never leaves me alone, not even on my brightest days.

I spent entire days meditating on what would have been the best way to express my feelings, my thoughts, my psychological battle, and every single time I ended up discouraged by the fact that no, no one would have been interested in reading such stuff.

“Do you really want to bother people with all your problems?
Who would want to spend time reading about your insignificant issues?”.
I had a voice in my mind constantly grumbling about what I wanted to express, and I wasn’t strong enough to fight back and impose myself.

The reality is, if anyone passing through this blog would feel bothered or offended the choice for them would be simple: just close the window and go read something else. However, my constant desire of pleasing everyone (everyone apart from myself) stopped me from posting exactly how I felt in that exact moments.

Now, after a long journey, I have learned (and I am still learning) how to put myself first. How to be my priority.

So here my story goes…


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